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Robin Murray | Bristol Live

FiSH review: A near-faultless experience at Bristol’s new seafood restaurant

It has been a turbulent year for Bristol’s hospitality sector and the struggles are likely to continue as the impact of the Covid-19 crisis is laid bare, but we’ve still had some decent new openings to get excited about.

This week saw the launch of one of the most anticipated new arrivals in Bristol’s food scene of 2020, in a restaurant many will already be familiar with.

Glassboat – the barge converted into a fine dining establishment by Arne Ringner in 1986 – has reopened as FiSH, a seafood restaurant serving fresh fish delivered daily.

With a takeaway adjoining the new-look Welsh Back restaurant for those who want to enjoy their fish and chips at home, the boat now has a far more informal feel, from the decor to the demeanour of the waiting staff.

Dining chairs have been replaced with backless benches, the majority of tables are now lengthy dining tables perfect for groups of friends to share a meal together and a new colour scheme has left the place feeling far fresher and brighter.

Waiting staff are no longer sharply dressed head to toe in black, but instead wear trainers and t-shirts with the restaurant’s name and logo on.

But while the name, style and culinary focus of the moored restaurant may have shifted, the people at its helm have remained. Arne is still the owner and the kitchen is still headed up by Jake Platt, who has been cooking in Bristol since the 1990s.

This means the quality of food is still extremely high, as I gladly discovered when I visited on Thursday evening (August 27), two days after the relaunch.

With countless people across Bristol taking advantage of the Eat Out To Help Out offer this month, which runs between Monday and Wednesday, it wasn’t a huge surprise to find only a smattering of fellow diners when we arrived.

Full Review Source: Bristol Live